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Identifying Professional Indemnity claims: Blistering coatings

In a recent publication, Andrew Hodkinson and Joel Thornton from Charles Taylors Adjusting, outline how an Engineering Loss Adjuster can team up with appointed lawyers to quickly identify the key issues in a P&I claim and determine how best to establish probable root cause, liability and quantum aspects. In their first case-study, they explore P&I issues surrounding blistering coatings.

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Jotun: Key considerations when choosing antifouling coatings

In an exclusive interview, Mr. George Vranakis, Marine Manager at Jotun Hellas, discusses about the key challenges concerning antifouling, providing also tips to operators for choosing the right coating for the protection of their vessels’ hulls. Mr. Vranakis highlights that the right selection starts with the identification of the operational needs, while considering the technical issues after discussion with experts are also important. In this regard, Mr. Vranakis shares his insight on the suitable approach toward an antifouling coating that best fits the operational profile of vessels.

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