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Malaysia to establish Bunker Island Development project

Malaysia informed that it continues to develop plans to antagonize Singapore’s bunkering dominance, as Johor Port Authority has presented $477 million development of an oil storage and bunkering site in the country’s south. The Bunker Island Development project will consist of two jetties and seven berths, which will have a storage capacity of approximately 1.2 million cbm. It is expected to be completed in four years.

Malaysia’s PTP upgrades terminal operating system

Malaysia’s largest port operator, Pelabuhan Tanjung Pelepas Sdn Bhd, announced it is upgrading its terminal operating system, as a part of its smart operations to boost exports for Malaysian companies. The port operator rolled out on July 11 its upgraded American terminal operating system Navis N4.

Another two armed robberies against ships in Singapore Strait

In its weekly report for 23-29 July, ReCAAP ISC informed of two CAT 4 incidents of armed robbery against ships in Asia. Both incidents occurred to tug boats towing barges while underway in the westbound lane of the Traffic Separation Scheme (TSS) in the Singapore Strait, a key area of concern in recent months. 

Malaysia gets its first LNG bunkering simulator

Malaysia-based Kasi Group announced the launch of an LNG bunkering simulator in the country. According to the company’s Executive Director it will be Malaysia’s first LNG bunkering simulator.

ReCAAP ISC update: The kidnapped fishermen off Malaysia were nine

A total of nine, and not ten, fishermen were eventually kidnapped from two vessels in Malaysian waters, said ReCAAP ISC in an update in its weekly report for 25 June -1 July. This means that all of the crew have been released an no one remains in captivity.

ICTSI Manila yard use records historical low

Yard utilization at the International Container Terminal Services, Inc. flagship Manila International Container Terminal remains near historically low levels as efforts to fast-track the movement of overstaying import containers out of the port of Manila have led to the utilization rate falling under 58%. 

Abduction off Malaysia: Nine crew released, one still missing

Nine out of the ten fishermen who were kidnapped in Malaysian waters last week are reportedly free, according to data provided by the ReCAAP ISC. The nine men were brought to Talipao for custody and debrief. One of the abducted crew is still missing.

Four arrested after attempting to rob tanker off Malaysia

In its weekly report for 18-24 June, the ReCAAP ISC informed of one incident of armed robbery against the tanker ‘M.T. Ponier’, while anchored in Teluk Ramunia waters, off Pengerang, Malaysia. All four perpetrators were arrested. However, two of the four perpetrators escaped by jumping overboard.

Malaysia contains significant gas potential

According to research by natural resources consultancy Wood Mackenzie, Malaysia provides some of the most material and attractive upstream investment opportunities in Southeast Asia, primarily because of the need for additional gas supply.


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