Serious eye injury during maintenance of fresh water steriliser

In UK Club’s latest ‘Lessons Learned’ article, Captain David Nichol describes a case of a serious eye injury of an engineer while conducting maintenance of fresh water steriliser. The analysis identified that the injured man had not been wearing any face protection, while a proper risk assessment had not been conducted. 

Ship operating costs decline for sixth successive year

Total ship operating costs fell by 1.3% in 2017, which compares with the 1.1% average fall in costs recorded for 2016, says Moore Stephens. For the third successive year, all categories of expenditure in 2017 were down on those for the previous 12-month period, mostly for insurance costs and stores.

Port of Marseille Fos to accommodate mega yachts maintenance centre

The Port of Marseille Fos had launched a call for projects at the beginning of 2018 to attract proposals and start a general industrial project in the area of the Port known as the Mirabeau harbour. At the end of the process, Monaco Marine was selected, which presented a project for a maintenance and renovation centre dedicated to very large 90 to 133 meter yachts.

Hidden engine room hot spots

Joe Maguire, Technical Manager at the Skuld P&I Club shared best practice with respect to the continued dangers of fires which originate in the machinery space and, specifically, as a result of a flammable liquid spraying onto a hot surface.

Norwegian trio seeks to digitalize offshore maintenance

Norway-based oil exploration company Aker BP has announced collaboration with technology provider Cognite and manufacturer Framo, aiming to intensify digitalisation in offshore operations by changing the traditional approach to maintenance.

Improper maintenance causes failure to UPS

A fire alarm was sounded after smoke was discovered coming from a UPS (uninterruptable power supply) room supplying power to remote valves. As IMCA informed, the planned maintenance procedures for UPS had not been followed, which is a key fact to the incident.

ClassNK: Quick closing valves for fuel oil tanks a frequent PSC deficiency

Following release of its PSC annual report in June, ClassNK underlined a frequency in deficiencies related to defects with quick closing valves for fuel oil tanks. In most cases, quick closing valves were inoperative due to seizing of the quick closing valves, air leakage and others caused by a failure in proper onboard maintenance.

New UK project eyes autonomous vessels in offshore wind

A new industry project in UK is set to explore the technical, regulatory and societal issues of using autonomous surface vessels, integrated with existing manned shipping operations, to support offshore wind farm operations and maintenance, as well as to develop a timeline for the phased introduction of autonomous vessels.

New AI-driven monitoring system to enhance subsea operations

UK-based University of Aberdeen, WFS Technologies, and OGIC launched a joint technology project to design and construct the world’s first ExtremeEdge OLM (On-line Monitoring) system for offshore subsea and platform structures. The cooperation seeks to deliver the first generation of real time fatigue monitoring system driven by AI.

Near miss: Protective cover lost from deck and found ashore

The Marine Safety Forum reported a near miss incident in which a small protective cover was lost from the deck of a vessel and was later found in the pocket of a five-foot container which had been offloaded ashore. This could have been a serious high potential dropped object risk to the crew, shore-side workers and to the general public.


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