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Initial investigation findings for fire onboard car-ferry

After the fire incident on the car-ferry MF Ytterøyningen on October 10th, 2019, the battery manufacturer Corvus presented its first findings. In fact, a thorough investigation led by the Kvinnherad police in Hordaland, Norway; the Norwegian National Criminal Investigation Service; DNV GL; Norwegian Maritime Authorities; Corvus Energy; insurance companies; as well as other stakeholders, was carried out concerning both the course of events and the cause of the incident.

Lessons learned: If a deckhand entangles in the gear, have a knife readily available

In its latest edition of Safety Digest, the UK MAIB focuses on a fishing vessel’s accident, in which its personnel accidentally got engaged in shooting creels. While the vessel was facing rough weather conditions, the personnel couldn’t use the a self-shooting system, leading to the engaging of three deckhands in the shooting creels.

Lessons Learned: CO2 systems should be always maintained

UK MAIB, in its latest Safety Digest, discusses a CO2 gas release from the engine room’s fixed fire extinguishing system of a roro passenger ferry, highlighting that amongst the possible factors that caused the release was the fact that the service supplier overhauled the cylinder valves, instead of returning them back to the manufacturer and acquire new ones.

CO2 systems risk awareness crucial to prevent accidents

As the North P&I Club highlights, a recent incident that caused the deaths of ten people on board a vessel, has pinpointed the dangers of not fully understanding the operation of fixed CO2 systems. To prevent similar incidents, North suggests that it is critical for all persons involved to be aware of the risks.

Tackling cargo misdeclaration – a first line of defence against container fires

Container fires may now be occurring on a weekly basis and in Gard’s experience most are associated with cargo misdeclaration. However just as with tackling the fire itself, tackling misdeclaration is a significant industry challenge. Thus, Mark Russell, Vice President, Head of Cargo Claims in London and  Charmaine Chu, Claims Executive in Hong Kong discuss the severity of cargo misdeclaration and the impact it has in the shipping market.

Fisherman prevents collision with rapidly-approaching boat

CHIRP published its 56th edition of Maritime Feedback focusing on reports concerning seafarers’ fatigue and its impacts. In this report a fisherman had to cut its anchor ropes and fishing lines in light of a fast-approaching drifting tug.

Lessons learned: Difficult step causes passenger injury

In its latest Loss Prevention guidance on gangways, the Shipowners Club describes a case of an injury to an elderly passenger disembarking from a tourist craft operating in north-eastern Australia. The Club highlighted a poor implementation of safety management system. 

Court decision validates effectiveness of deck cargo exemption clause

A recent decision in the English Court concerned the effectiveness of a clause in a bill of lading that excludes a carrier’s liability for loss or damage to cargo carried on deck, said the North P&I Club, noting that this decision confirmed parties to a contract of carriage are free to agree a carrier has no liability for loss or damage to deck cargo.

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