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How to safely walk the stairs on ships

Gard warns about the dangers of walking up or down stairs at ships. As it says, seafarers should always apply the old adage of ‘one hand for yourself and one for the ship’ and keep one hand free to grasp the handrail.

Do’s and Don’ts for safe operation of holds and hatch covers

The London P&I Club issued an updated guide on the safe operation and maintenance of ship holds and hatch covers, highlighting some of the common associated causes of damage, loss and personal injury and providing recommendations on best practices and points to avoid. 

Loss Prevention Initiatives: Human element on top

Every year, the UK P&I Club deals with thousands of claims using the expertise and experience of its professional claims handlers, ex-seafarers and lawyers. With decades of research into loss prevention issues, the Club has developed a formidable body of technical material on maritime risks.

IMO Sulphur 2020 – Fuel Oil Tank Entry

Captain John Taylor, Loss Prevention Manager at Steamship Mutual writes this risk alert concerning the fuel oil tank entry for the soon approaching IMO Sulphur cup 2020 due to the high risk associated with personnel carrying out unusual work activities as well as entering into confined spaces of fuel oil tanks.

Slowing down enables better assessment and can avoid collisions

As Gard informs, in a significant number of collisions, the club has found that the majority of mariners do not reduce speed to avoid a collision. However, it notes that in case there is a potential for collision, reducing speed can have many benefits.

Human element is key for prevention of collisions and contact claims

The Swedish Club has launched a new edition of Navigational Claims, aiming to provide an insight into the causes of incidents such as containers tumbling into the sea and environmental damage, further offering comprehensive loss prevention advice in order to avoid them.

ABS launches notations on extinguishing fire onboard container carriers

ABS launched the “Guide for Fire-Fighting Systems for Cargo Areas of Container Carriers”, presenting a number of notations with guidelines, addressing firefighting and safety systems of cargo holds of container vessels, the location of a series of high-profile fires onboard.

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