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Watch: Factors and recovering methods for girding incidents

Between 2005 and 2018, the TSB received reports of 26 girding situations resulting in 21 capsizings. Girding occurs when a vessel is pulled broadside by a towline force and is unable to manoeuver out of this position. The TSB created this video to illustrate the factors leading to girding and the recovery methods.

Watch: Float to survive in cold water

The UK’s Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI) published a video advising what one can do and can act to float on water and not drown. Following its ‘Respect the water’ campaign, falling into cold water shocks the body.

Watch: What are the challenges when trying to improve safety culture

In this video, international safety expert Professor Patrick Hudson highlights the challenges that organisations face as they try to implement processes to improve their safety performance. He discusses his safety culture ladder model, and how companies can assess their safety maturity by using this model. Many organizations believe that they are in a pretty good place and they are definitely moving up the ladder, but the do not apply any safety plan.

Watch: How can an organisation improve its safety culture

Professor Patrick Hudson examines leadership in the context of the cultural safety that an organisation has. He explains that unlike other forms of leadership, safety leadership is for everyone and involves publicly reaching for one level higher on the culture ladder than the organisation is currently placed. Most organisations are facing problems in safety. In order to excel in this sector they need a roadmap. This is what the safety culture ladder offers

CHIRP videos: Lessons learned from unsafe practices

CHIRP has issued a new series of videos providing best practices on how to handle unsafe situation onboard. This initiative launched by CHIRP and sponsored by the Standard P&I Club, is part of CHIRP’s mission to promote safety awareness amongst seafarers.

CHIRP Video Bulletin No.4

A new initiative launched by CHIRP and sponsored by the Standard P&I Club aims to promote safety awareness amongst seafarers. This is the fourth CHIRP video of its video series of ‘maritime feedback bulletins’.

CHIRP videos focus on lessons learned from unsafe practices

CHIRP has launched three videos designed for public use and in particular for use by maritime training academies, ship managers, safety committees with the aim to assist a global audience of seafarers and share the experience feedback from unsafe practices onboard.

Anchor loss prevention

The root cause of many groundings and collisions, lost anchors are among the top five reasons for claims costs. A rising number of anchor losses reported over the last several years prompted DNV GL, Gard and The Swedish Club to investigate this issue. Based on an analysis of damage cases involving anchor and anchor chain losses, the project partners have issued a presentation identifying the most frequent technical and operational causes, and some steps crews and operators can take to address them.

CHIRP Video Bulletin

A new initiative launched by CHIRP and sponsored by the Standard P&I Club aims to promote safety awareness amongst seafarers. This is the first video of video series of ‘maritime feedback bulletins’ which are due to be released on a quarterly basis and available to download for use on a PC or tablet, DVD or USB drive.

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