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Container casualty causes in the spotlight

In a recent webinar, Thomas Miller, TT Club and UK P&I Club discussed factors associated with container casualties to pinpoint key challenges towards safer container ship operations and enhanced security of the container stacks they carry. Attention to numerous factors is needed to avoid repeated casualties insurers noted.

Vessel hygiene to prevent COVID-19 spread

During the COVID-19 pandemic, more than ever maintaining a good housekeeping onboard can help prevent the virus spread. In view of this, the American P&I Club reminds key tips which are important to follow in general for a safe workplace onboard a vessel.

How to safely walk the stairs on ships

Gard warns about the dangers of walking up or down stairs at ships. As it says, seafarers should always apply the old adage of ‘one hand for yourself and one for the ship’ and keep one hand free to grasp the handrail.

AMSA: Safety alert on risks with getting on and off vessels

The Australian Maritime Safety Authority issued a safety alerting, highlighting the risks involved when entering and departing a vessel, commenting that it is a legal requirement under the national law to provide safe access to a vessel.

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