Wednesday, December 8, 2021

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Singapore remains as top shipping centre

Singapore remains at the top of the International Shipping Centre Development (ISCD) Index for the fifth consecutive year. The index covers 43 of the world's largest ports and cities and is published today by the Baltic Exchange and Xinhua, China's news agency. Hong Kong overtook London for the first time in five years, going to second place.

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Britain urges Somaliland to back Somalia conference in London

The timetable of the conference is not yet clear UK Deputy Ambassador to Ethiopia Chris Allan visited the Somaliland capital on Wednesday to discuss the upcoming London Conference on Somalia. The British ambassador held a press conference in Mansoor hotel in which he briefly presented the agenda of the conference and Somaliland's role."I would like to stress that I am pleased with my visit to Somaliland. Today I met with senior government officials and we deliberated on matters relating to the international conference on the issue of Somalia scheduled to be held in London. I presented them with the agenda of the meeting," he said.Mr. Allan also stressed talks will focus on core regional problems such as maritime piracy and terrorism that need regional cooperation."The scheduled meeting will address the issues of development and Britain's humanitarian aid for Somaliland and Somalia as well as socio-economic and political development," he stated. Mr. Allan added that Britain was Somaliland's largest supporter and its biggest donor and reaffirmed the strong and long-standing friendship and historical ties between the two. With more than 40 senior government officials and multilateral organizations expected to attend, the British Ambassador said the meeting presented a golden opportunity and ...

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