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Tanker cargo shortage and contamination claims

The London P&I Club has issued LP Focus including analysis on its experience on tanker cargo shortage and contamination claims. One of the most common areas of bulk oil cargo claims that the Club has experienced has been focused on cargo out-turn/shortage or cargo contamination, or a mixture of both, particularly with multiple grades being carried at the same time.

London P&I Club to address bulk carrier ventilation issues

All modern bulk carriers are fitted with some form of ventilation, either natural or mechanical, which can be used to minimise the formation of sweat. The London P&I Club has launched new publication LP Focus to address all issues related to bulk carrier ventilation.

Deck crane inspections and maintenance

The London P&I Club has launched new publication LP Focus on deck crane inspections and maintenance which looks in detail at particular claims issues prompted by the Club’s experience and feedback from Members.

Atmospheric Testing – Know your equipment

The London P&I Club has published new safety poster to highlight how important is to know the equipment for atmospheric testing when entering Enclosed Spaces. On 1 January 2015 amendments to SOLAS regulation III/19 Emergency training and drills entered into force, requiring that each enclosed space entry and rescue drill, which is to be conducted at two-monthly intervals, shall include checking and use of instruments for measuring the atmosphere in enclosed spaces.

Voyage Data Recorder and Claims

London P&I Club says that operation of VDR on entered ships is generally well understood The Voyage Data Recorder (VDR)…


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