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LNG as a marine fuel: Key considerations

During the 2019 SAFETY4SEA London Conference, Mr. Steve Esau, General Manager, SEA/LNG, provided an overview of the current LNG scene. He added that LNG can be a viable marine fuel, and it leads to significant environmental benefits. In addition, on a 10-year basis, LNG delivers a significantly higher ROI compared with open-loop scrubbers and it is a hands-down winner compared with low sulphur fuels.

Probunkers: LNG is the most “green” marine fuel for compliance with IMO 2020 and beyond

While the voting procedure for the 2019 GREEN4SEA Awards is open, Mr. Panos Yannoulis, President, probunkers, explains why LNG is the best available alternative for complying with environmental regulations and achieving sustainability. Although a startup, probunkers has succeed at early stages in conveying the message that LNG is an attractive solution, revealing an ambitious plan for supporting  LNG as a marine fuel and turning challenges into opportunities. For all these actions, probunkers has been nominated in the ‘Initiative’ category among other distinguished nominees.

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