Lloyds Register

New partnership aims to address safety challenges for global manufacturing

Lloyd’s Register Foundation and the Global Manufacturing and Industrialisation Summit announced a new partnership focusing on the safety challenges for global manufacturing and support safe innovation. The collaboration provides research into identifying and assessing the knowledge gap, safety challenges, risks and opportunities associated with the deployment of Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) technologies.

LR approves new smart ship solution

Samsung Heavy Industries has its smart ship solution, Intelliman Ship, approved by Lloyd’s Register. The smart ship solution aspires to eliminate cyber risks and optimise ships that have remote access to onboard operational data. Intelliman Ship aims to ensure compliance with LR’s new Digital Ships requirements.

Cyber security library for shipping: Everything you need to know

Cyber security threats are not only increased, but they are becoming a part of maritime daily business. Therefore, it is important all industry’s stakeholders to understand the threat landscape, consider the given guidelines and comply with the upcoming legislation in order to be fully prepared to address the associated challenges.