Lloyds Register

Renewable energy ship propulsion project to limit vessels’ emissions

Lloyd’s Register is launching a research and development project based on maritime technologies, which will identify the most ideal solutions connected with the shipboard installation and will develop a fuel cell system for each vessel, resulting to reduction of shipping emissions and elimination of SOx and NOx emissions.

Watch: Partners launch first device converting wave energy to electricity

AW-Energy, the Finnish wave energy developer, has completed the construction of the first commercial 350 kW WaveRoller unit, which is prepared for deployment at Peniche in Portugal. The device converting ocean wave energy to electricity, functions in near-shore locales at depths of 8 to 20 meters and the mechanism can be partially or entirely submerged depending on tidal conditions.

First LR classed hydrogen-powered ship launched

Hydroville showcases the use of clean fuels and aims to test hydrogen technology for applications on larger vessels. It will serve as a shuttle on the river Scheldt to provide CMB employees with environmentally-friendly transport to and from their office. 

HHI, LR to design LNG-fueled vessels

Hyundai Mipo Dockyard, part of the HHI Group, will deliver the world’s largest LNG-fueled ship, this month, a 50,000 dwt bulk carrier with a high manganese LNG fuel tank. HHI has also signed a contract to build the world’s first LNG-fuelled aframax tanker. 

New LNG carrier to incorporate ballast-free design

Lloyd’s Register awarded GTT and Dalian Shipbuilding Industry an approval in principle for their 30,000m³ B-FREE LNG carrier design in a ceremony at Marintec China. The new design combines environmentally-friendly features with increased efficiency.

Japanese trio gets AIP for LNG-fueled coal carrier

Japanese MOL, Tohoku Electric Power, and Namura Shipbuilding have earned an Approval in Principle from UK-based Lloyd’s Register for the design of an LNG-powered coal carrier. The joint acquisition aims to align with stricter standards on exhaust emissions from merchant vessels taking effect globally.

LR grants approval for HMD’s LNG cargo handling system

Hyundai Mipo Dockyard has received approval in principle from Lloyd’s Register for a cargo handling system design for a 6,600 m³ LNG bunkering vessel. The design was jointly developed by HMD and the Hyundai Heavy Industries Corporate Research Centre.  

Wärtsilä launches new eco-friendly tug designs

Since they typically operate in or close to harbours and populated areas, tugs are particularly affected by environmental considerations, and the need for regulatory compliance is an increasing concern for tug owners and operators worldwide, Wartsila notes.

LR to build world’s biggest sailing cargo ship

LR announced that it has joined the Quadriga sustainable shipping project – an initiative from Hamburg-based Sailing Cargo, which aims to build the world’s biggest sailing cargo ship using hybrid technology for CO2 emissions reduction. 

New LNG-fuelled bulk carrier project announced

Nowadays, there is a continued need for ship designs to evolve to provide further alternatives to traditional oil-fuelled designs. As new building orders in larger size ranges are expected, Hyundai Heavy Industries and Lloyd’s Register announced at Nor-Shipping 2017 a joint development project to design 180k DWT class bulk carriers.

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