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Fatalities in Confined Spaces: do we have tunnel vision?

Confined space work remains one of the most frequent, yet dangerous work-related activities undertaken. Thus, Lloyd’s Register James Pomeroy, the expert on Health and Safety asks if we have tunnel vision regarding confined spaces.

New partnership aims to address safety challenges for global manufacturing

Lloyd’s Register Foundation and the Global Manufacturing and Industrialisation Summit announced a new partnership focusing on the safety challenges for global manufacturing and support safe innovation. The collaboration provides research into identifying and assessing the knowledge gap, safety challenges, risks and opportunities associated with the deployment of Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) technologies.

LR presents smart solution to tackle fatigue and boost safety

LR announced the launching of its LR SafetyScanner, which combines applied data science and artificial intelligence to improve health, safety and environmental managers see beyond practices, gain greater insights and move to adopting leading-edge systems, ready for the 21st century.  

LR launches programme to accelerate safety in shipping

The Lloyd’s Register announced launch of the Safety Accelerator programme to remove barriers preventing industry uptake of cutting-edge safety and risk solutions. The LR Safety Accelerator will bring together technology companies and industry to test innovative digital solutions to critical safety and risk challenges.

First wind manufacturer certified in China for focus on zero injuries

SIEMENS-GAMESA has become the first wind turbine manufacturer in China to be certified to provide Global Wind Organisation Basic Safety Training training, according to Lloyd’s Register. The GWO’s BST framework GWO was used by LR to assess SIEMENS-GAMESA’s approach to achieve a safer work environment.

New educational resource on human element launched

Lloyd’s Register Foundation and The Nautical Institute have joined forces to produce a special limited edition bound set of all 40 issues of the Alert! human element bulletin, a global educational resource on the human element. From the beginning the project has “raised awareness” of maritime professionals across the industry to human element issues.

How to carry bulk cargoes safely

When bulk cargoes shift, liquefy, catch fire or explode due to poor loading procedures, the consequences can be critical – ships could capsize, lose stability or sustain severe structural damage. Occasioned by this kind of incidents the UK P&I Club has offered some good advice regarding the safe carrying of bulk cargoes.

Guidance on carrying solid bulk cargoes safely

Lloyd’s Register, the UK P&I Club, and INTERCARGO have produced a pocket guide for ships’ officers and agents who arrange cargoes for loading. This pocket guide outlines the precautions to be taken before accepting solid bulk cargoes for shipment; sets out procedures for safe loading and carriage; details the primary hazards associated with different types of cargo; and underlines the importance of proper cargo declarations.

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