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NATO destroys eight of Gadaffi s warships in ports

The attacks are a reminder to all of the security situation in Libya On the night ofFriday 20 May NATO fighter aircraft destroyed eight of Gadaffi's warships in the ports of Tripoli, Al-Khums and Sirte.According to NATO spokesman Mike Bracken the attacks came after Gadaffi had apparently usedthe warships to launch attacks on civilians, includingmining of waters in Misrata disrupting the flow of humanitarian aid.The attacks are a reminder to all of the security situation in Libya, which continue to pose threats and challenges to shipowners operating in the area.Source: BIMCO

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Libya latest update on the situation

Conditions remain quiet and largely unchanged The main area of fighting between regime and opposition fighters continues to move - often at short notice. Heavy fighting continues around Ajdabiyah with the latest reports indicating that opposition forces are once again in control of the town.Air strikes are also continuing, but their effectiveness is limited in urban combat, where residential areas are being used by fighters on both sides.Meanwhile, conditions remain quiet and largely unchanged in both the capital and Benghazi.The route between Benghazi and Ajdabiyah is reportedly quiet at present, although it should not be considered secure. Personnel should exercise caution if travelling along the road.Source: GAC Hot Port News

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Libya rebels to sell first oil cargo this week-report

Load the first tanker with crude Libyan rebels will this week load the first tanker with crude since an uprising against leader Muammar Gaddafi fully suspended exports from the North African country, Platts news agency reported.The agency said Liberian-registered tanker Equator was due to arrive in the rebel-held eastern Libyan port of Tobruk on Monday to load a cargo of Serir/Mesla blend crude oil.The agency quoted Wahid Bougaighis, head of the newly established oil company, as saying: "They are coming for sure because there was a contract signed already."He gave no other details. Reuters could not reach Bougaighis for comment.The rebel-led government has said it has concluded a deal with Qatar to market crude oil.The rebel movement has also said it is discussing plans to exempt its oil exports from sanctions and has also raised the issue with a U.N. envoy.Source: Reuters

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NATO Navigational warning regarding Libya

Navigational Warning The following navigational warning (NAVWARN) was released by NATO on Friday and replaces 141/11 of Thursday. Please note that this navigational warning is currently in force, but maybe subject to change in the next few days, and Members are advised to check the status of NavWarnings on the NATO website at http://www.shipping.nato.int/NAVAREA III 147/11Eastern Mediterranean Sea North of Libya Territorial Waters NATO arms embargo operation in the vicinity of Libya territorial Waters.1. In accordance with the United Nations Security Council Resolution 1970 (26/02/2011) and 1973 (17/03/2011), NATO maritime forces are conducting arms embargo operations in the vicinity of Libya Territorial Waters.2. Those operations are conducted in the Mediterranean Sea and systematically enforced in the following Maritime Surveillance Area:- Northern border: the 35N parallel- Western border: Tunisian Territorial Waters (not included)- Eastern border: Egyptian Territorial Waters (not included)- Southern Border: Libyan Territorial Waters (not included)3. All Merchant vessels transiting in this area or inbound to Libya Territorial waters may be subject to hailing, queries or boarding from NATO naval and air units.* All Merchant vessels transiting through this Maritime Surveillance Area are requested, 24hrs prior their entering in this area, to contact the NATO SHIPPING CENTRE (United Kingdom, contact ...

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