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Situation in Libya remains unstable

In light of the recent developments and representations made by various Libyan authorities, the Standard P&I Club issued a warning for ship operators reminding that the situation in Libya remains extremely unstable. All ports remain open with the exception of Sirte and Derna.

Libya: Ships and crews at risk if suspected of oil smuggling

The Shipowners Club urged operators to exercise caution when trading to Libya, due to an increased risk of vessel seizure and crew arrests as a result from an increase in the last years of illicit crude oil trade. To eradicate oil smuggling, the Libyan government has implemented strict measures.

Swedish Club: Tankers at risk when trading oil in Libya

The Swedish Club informs that certain fractions in Libya are selling government oil assets on the black market. The legitimate government based in Tripoli wants to stop this practice and is applying drastic measures against any vessel and crew which is considered to be part of these operations.

North P&I Club issues warning for Libyan ports

North P&I Club has published a port situation and safe navigation warning on the status of Libyan ports, including the following information received from their local P&I correspondents.

New US order restricts ship crews

President Trump signed, on March 7, a new Executive Order entitled “Protecting the Nation From Foreign Terrorist Entry Into The United States”, which bans the entry to US for crewmembers from Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen, unless they hold valid visas prior to March 16th. Also, they will not be able to obtain visas, until 90 days after March 16th.

Update: Port situation in Libya

The North P&I Club has received information in relation to Libya’s ports. The Club advises operators to report their schedules (to local port agents) prior to arrival at any Libyan port, including a declaration of the vessel’s sailing route, whether they are loading or discharging cargo and the type of cargo on board, so that the agents can notify the appropriate authorities.

LISCR issues advisory for vessels calling Libya

The Republic of Liberia has issued Marine Security Advisory to heighten awareness onboard ships making calls into ports and or anchorages in the State of Libya. Coastal navigation should be avoided to the extent possible.


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