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Watch: Libyan National Army attacks Tripoli Port

According to Reuters, on 18 February all the vessels operating at the Tripoli Port were forced to evacuate the area as its is said that the Eastern Libyan forces shelled a terminal. In fact, all the offloading operations were cancelled, following the explosion of an LPG tanker discharging in the port.

Mediterranean allegedly sees ‘the deadliest shipwreck’ up to now

According to ITF, the so called ‘the deadliest shipwreck in the Mediterranean so far this year’ took place in late July, where up to 150 migrants and refugees are feared drowned in attempts of crossing the Mediterranean Sea into Europe after their boat capsized off Libya.

Over 80 people feared dead after migrant boat sinks off Tunisia

Over 80 migrants are missing and presumed dead, while only three have survived, after a boat capsized and sank off the coast of Tunisia, in waters near the town of Zarzis. The three Malians who were rescued said that they had set out from Zuwara in Libya.

At least 10 migrants die as boat sinks off Libya

At least 10 migrants lost their lives on March 19, when their boat sank off the Libyan coast near the western town of Sabratha. 17 others were rescued, a Sabratha’s security operations spokesman, said, and were transferred to the hospital. The United Nations migration agency IOM informed that 15 survivors were brought to a hospital, but it did not know how many people had been on board the boat.

More than 100 migrants died off Libya in early September

Over 100 migrants lost their lives in early September after their rubber boats were wrecked off the coast of Libya, according to the MSF aid agency. The two vessels were carrying many people and had started from Libya. One of the boats engine failed while the other deflated.

Libyan Coast Guard: 100 migrants may have drowned off Tripoli

About 100 people have reportedly drowned from a migrant boat off Libya’s western coast, Libyan Coast Guard informed. Libya’s Coast Guard gathered 14 survivors from the boat east of Tripoli. The coast guard has also intercepted 200 migrants from two additional migrant boats east of Tripoli as well.

Seven missing after turkish vessel sinks off Libya

Missing of seven crew members is reported, after the sinking of a Turkey-flagged cargo ship, off the Libyan coast, on Thursday, 16 March. The incident happened in bad weather conditions. The ship was carrying construction materials.


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