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Lessons learned: If a deckhand entangles in the gear, have a knife readily available

In its latest edition of Safety Digest, the UK MAIB focuses on a fishing vessel’s accident, in which its personnel accidentally got engaged in shooting creels. While the vessel was facing rough weather conditions, the personnel couldn’t use the a self-shooting system, leading to the engaging of three deckhands in the shooting creels.

Lessons Learned: Carefully check weather forecast to prevent accidents

In the latest Safety Digest, UK MAIB focuses on the importance of the weather forecasts for the avoidance of relevant accidents; UK MAIB advises that if severe weather is forecast, all options available should be considered and all relevant precautions should be taken to establish the safety of the crew.

Lessons Learned: Pilot and bridge should plan vessel’s maneuver

In the latest Safety Digest, UK MAIB focuses on a large cruise vessel entering a narrow river, which resulted to the cruise ship’s stern hit a yacht moored in the navigable channel; UK MAIB recommends that prior to the vessel’s entrance, the interested parties should have specifically planned how the vessel would maneuver, to avoid any accidents. 

USCG questioned over implementation of NTSB safety recommendations

In an official hearing on Commercial and Passenger Vessel Safety on Thursday, the head of NTSB’s Marine Safety Office critiqued the US Coast Guard’s willingness to bolster safety rules for passenger vessels, on the aftermath of three fatal incidents involving small vessels in US waters.

Lessons learned from scrubber overboard pipe failure

Scrubbers are considered as a means of compliance with the upcoming IMO 2020. However, operators must be aware of the importance of selecting the correct design and appropriate materials for the scrubber, in order to avoid improper operation of the system.

Bulk carrier grounding highlights gaps in port risk assessment

The Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB) issued an investigation report on the grounding of the bulk carrier ‘Orient Centaur’, which lost power while transiting a channel from the Port of Weipa, in November 2017. This incident highlighted gaps in the port’s risk plans, ATSB noted. 


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