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MOL Comfort Casualty Investigation Report – Update

ClassNK issues Preliminary Findings and Safety Measures Class NK has issued the Preliminary Findings and Safety Measures regarding the incident investigation on MOL Comfort which sank on July 11, 2013. Following the loss of the container vessel "MOL COMFORT", ClassNK established a special Casualty Investigation Team in order to investigate and determine the cause of the casualty.Japan's Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (MLIT) further established a Committee on Large Container Ship Safety to develop measures to ensure the safety of large container vessels on 29 August 2013. In addition to its independent investigation, ClassNK serves as members of the Committee and is actively involved in its deliberative and investigative work.Based on both the results of its own independent investigation as well as the deliberations of the third meeting of the Committee on Large Container Ship Safety held on 28 October 2013, the ClassNK Casualty Investigation Team has released preliminary findings and safety measures resulting from the investigation as follows.Preliminary FindingsBased on the presence of water-ingress in the bottom of the vessel's midship at the outset of the casualty, the fracture in the vessel's hull is considered to have originated from the bottom part of the vessel.Hull strength and ...

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