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Watch: Lessons from disabled emergency on cruise ship

CHIRP Maritime analyzes a case of a safety drill exercise involving a woman and her disabled husband on a cruise ship. According to the woman’s report, their cabin was on deck 12, and the muster station, where they had to proceed, was five decks below. How were she and her husband to achieve this drill? 

Watch: Lessons learned from main engine failure

In their latest video promoting maritime safety and accident prevention, the Standard P&I Club and CHIRP Maritime share best practice in the event of main engine failure. With respect to a particular case, CHIRP recommended that it is best practice to test a main engine prior to departure by turning it over on both air and fuel.

Watch: Lessons learned from non-compliance with COLREGs

In the short educational video in cooperation with Standard P&I Club, CHIRP Maritime analyzes a very good example of non compliance with collision avoidance regulations. CHIRP comments that, in open waters, there is absolutely no need for vessels to be in close proximity to one another.

Watch: Lessons learned from failed rescue boat lift

In its latest educational video, CHIRP provides useful safety tips on the aftermath of a failed rescue boat lift, advising that cross-checking, supervision and testing, as well as an equipment replacement, are always essential to avoid tragedy, but the most important step is a simple one: Better design.

Video: How vision affects perception

This video takes an insight into how we process multiple information sources, such as alarms and bridge sensors and how perception is affected by other factors such as night conditions, fatigue and movement.

CHIRP videos: Lessons learned from unsafe practices

CHIRP has issued a new series of videos providing best practices on how to handle unsafe situation onboard. This initiative launched by CHIRP and sponsored by the Standard P&I Club, is part of CHIRP’s mission to promote safety awareness amongst seafarers.

CHIRP videos focus on lessons learned from unsafe practices

CHIRP has launched three videos designed for public use and in particular for use by maritime training academies, ship managers, safety committees with the aim to assist a global audience of seafarers and share the experience feedback from unsafe practices onboard.

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