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USCG: Findings of Concern on high speed craft operations

The US Coast Guard released Findings of Concern on ‘High Speed Craft Operations Manuals,’ regarding an incident where a high speed catamaran passenger ferry allided with a rock jetty at over 30 knots, injuring 15 passengers.

UK MAIB warns of defective throw bag rescue lines

The UK MAIB issued a safety warning informing that a defective throw bag rescue line was discovered while Warrington Rowing Club was conducting boat capsize drills for new rowers at Halton Baths in Cheshire. A 15m long polypropylene rescue line in a throw bag parted while a young person in the water was being pulled to the side of the pool during a simulated rescue. 

USCG: Lessons Learned from El Faro on main propulsion

USCG issued a safety alert to inform operators of the role that the main propulsion lube oil system was found to have played in the El Faro casualty, recommending that ship engineers review the operational procedures and limitations of vital propulsion machinery, and verify compliance with SOLAS, Class, and regulatory standards.

Maintain awareness of what hazardous materials use onboard

USCG highlights how important is to follow proper safety procedures in confined spaces and use the right protective equipment such as personal multi-gas detectors following a recent incident in which high levels of hydrogen sulfide (H2S) were found in the hold of a shrimper in the Gulf of Mexico

BSEE Issues Safety Alert

Recommends Safe Practices to Prevent Falls The Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement (BSEE) today issued recommendations for safety measures…


Does enclosed space entry need more regulation?

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