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USCG questioned over implementation of NTSB safety recommendations

In an official hearing on Commercial and Passenger Vessel Safety on Thursday, the head of NTSB’s Marine Safety Office critiqued the US Coast Guard’s willingness to bolster safety rules for passenger vessels, on the aftermath of three fatal incidents involving small vessels in US waters.

Safe Mooring: Key challenges

Speaking at SAFETY4SEA Forum in Athens, David Nichol, Senior Loss Prevention Executive, UK P&I Club focused on safe mooring, providing a brief overview of the challenges facing seafarers as well as common failures arising from mooring accident investigations.

Case study: Fire on board tanker

Cargo ships carrying liquid cargo is a special category type of ships in respect of firefighting because on board such ships there is a dangerous combination between cargo’s specific features and equipment to support all aspects of vessel’s requirements.

Case Study: Fire onboard cargo ship

The following real-life incident can be used as case study to help crew members understand how to properly handle similar occasions and take the appropriate knowledge from an incident of fire on board cargo vessel.

Improper lifeboats stowage could lead to damage

The Liberian Registry informed of a recent case of improper stowage of lifeboats onboard, which could have resulted in serious damage or personal injury, had it gone unnoticed. LISCR communicated the case as this could happen to anyone. 

Ro-Ro ferries: Dangers to truck drivers remaining in their vehicle cabs

UK MAIB issued a safety bulletin to inform of the dangers posed to freight vehicle drivers who remain in their vehicle cabs while on board Ro-Ro ferries at sea. The publication comes on the aftermath of the shift and toppling over of freight vehicles onboard the P&O Ro-Ro passenger ferry ‘European Causeway’.

UK MAIB: Safety lessons learned from fishing vessel sinking

As part of its safety investigation on the sinking of the scallop dredger ‘Solstice’ with one fatality in September 2017, the UK MAIB issued a safety flyer for the fishing industry to share lessons learned from the casualty which raised poor stability concerns for fishing vessels. 

OCIMF: Three levels of sharing lessons learned

OCIMF released the information paper ‘Sharing Lessons Learned from Incidents’ that encourages vessel operators to use three different levels of sharing the lessons learned from incidents.

BMON notation able to reduce common boiler problems

After five years with the BMON class notation, DNV GL summarizes its observations. BMON was launched in 2012 and aims to enhance the overall performance of the boiler. It also aspired to provide an alternative, efficient and flexible survey approach.

OCIMF MEG 4 Review: Mooring lines issues in the spotlight

Reviewing the guidance, there are two issues that may require more clarification for the operators: The first issue refers to the maximum breaking load that a line should have in order to be purchased. The second issue refers to the retirement of a line (or supportive equipment as tails)


Does enclosed space entry need more regulation?

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