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OCIMF Principles on Human Factor: It matters how leaders respond when things go wrong and take the opportunity to learn

The last guiding OCIMF principle on human factor highlights the role of leadership in challenging situations. The worst thing leaders can do is to minimize their mistake, ignore it or try to blame it on others. It is always important leaders to take responsibility for their errors; if they don’t admit fault when they should, this can have a negative effect on team morale.

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Why psychological safety at work matters: 6 tips to improve team performance

The highest-performing teams have one thing in common: psychological safety; the belief that you won’t be punished when you make a mistake. Thus, allowing for moderate risk-taking, speaking your mind and being creative; to put it simply, sticking your head out without fear of having it cut off- in other words, the types of behavior that can lead to market breakthroughs.

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