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Laser repair starts in Singapore

The laser cladding process for reconditioning engine components is coming to Singapore German companies Nippon Diesel Service and Gall & Seitz Systems have joined forces with Singapore partner CLLS (Singapore) to form a new company, to be known as Laser Cladding Singapore (LCS) Pte.The companies say that the joint venture aims to promote restorative, cost-efficient, and environmentally-friendly technologies using the laser powder cladding process in the Asian marine sector. The process is described as the reconditioning of worn and damaged machinery components by fusing new material onto those components. This is claimed to extend the lifespan and durability of components at the fraction of the cost of buying a new component. The company says it has successfully reconditioned engine components such as pistons, turbo chargers as well as electrical generators, separators, gear parts and bow thrusters.Field tests have shown that the process has been successfully employed on more than 1,000 four-stroke pistons and turbocharger shafts. The newly fused materials have been proven to be more wear resistant and durable than the original component materials. In the case of turbocharger shafts, after laser-powder-cladding, their lifespan was said to have been extended by up to twice that of the normal lifespan of ...

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LaserMachine Gun Mashup tested on Pirate Ships

With a laser attached, the idea is to blast multiple skiffs more efficiently Now we know what the Navy plans to do with its experimental hybrid of laser cannon and machine gun: zap pirate ships.Two defense giants, Boeing and BAE Systems, announced late last month that they would team up on a $2.8 million Navy contract for a prototype version of BAE's Mk-38 25-mm machine gun with a little upgrade: a death ray. As the companies excitedly explained, the new gun would protect surface ships from pretty much everything, from enemy boats to small drones.What the companies weren't letting on was that they had already tested the machine-laser-gun a month before the announcement. And in tests that BAE - hardly an uninterested party - claims were successful, the new Mk-38 took on its most likely adversary: pirate skiffs.In late June, the waters of the Choctawatchee Bay near Florida's Elgin Air Force Base stood in for the Gulf of Aden, asersatz pirate ships "swarmed" amidst dense "civilian" maritime trafficto harass a mock Navy "platform" armed with the laser gun. The enhanced version of the Mk-38 used its lasers to fix the enemy targets for bursts of machine gun fire, before switching ...

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