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KR launches new fleet management program

The new system will provide online application functions, more content options and a more ‘user-friendly’ interface. Furhtermore, KR has digitalized all previous paper documents submitted by shipowners. This led to a new management function called “Survey Planner”.

Korean Register launches ship surveys using drones

In a bid to respond to the industry-wide trend to use more unmanned technology, the Korean Register launches inspection services using drones, after collaboration and research conducted with the University of Gyeongnam Geochang. The drone inspection is expected to save time and money and will enhance workforce safety.

New software containing the latest regulations launched

Korean Register announced the release of its latest KR-CON software. The 15th edition of KR-CON has been developed in-house, and offers an electronic database program containing the latest IMO conventions, codes, resolutions and circulars, in either English, Korean or Chinese.

Korean Register launches new ICT Center

Korean Register has opened a new ICT (information communications technology) Center to enhance the application of advanced information and ICT across the maritime and ship classification industries. The ICT Center will focus on finding ways to apply big data to identify safe navigation in real time, to understand accident statistics and manage risk better.


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