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JTSB investigation: Collision of car carrier and fishing vessel in traffic route

JTSB issued an investigation report on the collision of the car carrier GLOVIS COMPANION with the fishing vessel HIGASHIDA MARU, in September 2019. The incident stressed the need for vessels crossing a traffic route to enter the route after fully ascertaining the passage of other vessels navigating in the area. 

JTSB investigation: Ships collision in narrow strait

JTSB issued a report on a collision between the general cargo ship SM3 and the oil tanker Koutoku Maru off Kanmon Port, in September 2018. When communicating with approaching vessels becomes necessary, masters and crew should not only call the vessel’s name but also implement VHF communication proactively, JTSB said.

JTSB investigation: Dragging anchor leads to collision with seawall

While anchored in Yokohama, Keihin Port, a cargo ship dragged the anchor, drifted toward to the northeast, and collided with the seawall at Ogishima, Kawasaki section. Typhoon No. 24 was approaching. The Japan Transport Safety Board issued an investigation report on the incident. 

Stevedore dies during cargo handling operations

The Japan Transport Safety Board issued an accident investigation report on a stevedore who was found dead, stuck between the container and the loading container, during cargo handling operations. 

Collision linked to poor communication between Pilot and Master

Japan Transport Safety Board (JTSB) issued an investigation report on the collision of two container ships while Hanshin Port, Kobe Area, Japan, in May 2018. The incident resulted to no fatalities, but it highlighted issues associated with poor communication and misjudgment. 

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