Collisions the most common marine incidents, Japan reports

Japan Transport Safety Board informed that it launched 922 investigations in 2017. The majority of these cases included collisions, while 1,199 vessels were involved in the accidents, most of which were fishing vessels and pleasure boats. Of the 922 investigations launched in 2017, 216 were cases of collision, 182 cases of grounding; 138 cases of fatality/injury; and 104 cases of contact.

Non-compliance with safe working practices leads to fatal fall onboard

JTSB issued an investigation report on a crew member fatal fall onboard the cargo ship ‘Erik’, in September 2018. The investigation stressed that the crew was working in unstable posture on the ladder and that the company was insufficient in monitoring that crew members clearly understood Ladder guidelines. 

Japanese fast ferry said to collide with whale, 80 injured

A Japanese fast ferry is said to have been collided with a whale on March 9, off the coast of Sado Island, Japan, resulting to passengers’ injury. Japan Coast Guard and operator Sado Steam Ship believe that the object was a ‘marine animal,’ possibly a whale. 

The first Japanese battleship wreck from WWII found

Researchers from the organization started by philanthropist Paul Allen found the wreck of the first Japanese battleship sunk by the U.S. Navy during World War II. The 1914-built Hiei was a Japanese battlecruiser, one of the most heavily-armed vessels of its era, having eight 14-inch guns and armour up to nine inches thick. The vessel was crippled by a shell from the USS San Francisco on the 13th which disabled the steering gear. 

Erna Oldendorff contacts bridge in Japan

The Oldendorff Carriers’ ship Erna Oldendorff made contact with the Oshima bridge on her way to Etajima, Japan. No people were hurt and there are no reports of pollution at this time. The vessel is currently following instructions of the Japanese Coast Guard and has moved to a safe anchorage.

VLCC taken under tow after engine fire

After the VLCC, Front Hakata, suffered an engine fire, near Chiba Prefecture, Japan, on August 5, it has now been towed, the Japanese Ministry of Land, Transport and Tourism informed. Namely, Front Hakata reported fire in the engine room, while it was waiting for berth at Chiba, being fully loaded with crude oil. 

Ferry with 600 passengers collides with buoy off Japan

The ferry Ferry Fukuoka II with some 600 passengers onboard  had a collision with a buoy that marks shallows, southwest of Akashi, Honshu, Inner Japan sea, on March 18, while it was heading to Shimoji from Osaka. The ferry collided with the buoy while it was trying to prevent collision with passing ship.

Russian ferry with 127 passengers stuck in ice

The Government of Sakhalin informed that the Russian ferry ‘Igor Farkhutdinov’ was trapped by ice near the coast of Japan, with 127 passengers and 42 containers on board. Igor Farkhutdinov was heading to the Sakhalin port of Korsakov on February 5, from Malokurilskoye.

Russian fishing vessel missing in Sea of Japan

A fishing boat with 21 people onboard has went missing in Russia’s Far eastern Primorye Territory, according to Russia’s Emergencies Ministry. There was a heavy weather at the time, while a weather warning was issued by the regional emergency services ministry.


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