Japan criticized over brutal commercial whaling

At the 67th meeting of the International Whaling Commission, Humane Society International is calling on governments to reject Japan’s proposal to introduce an amendment that would directly nullify the moratorium on commercial whaling.

Environmentalists call Japan not to weak ban on commercial whaling

After spending more than three decades slaughtering whales in defiance of an international moratorium on commercial whaling, Japan is proposing a package of measures at an International Whaling Commission meeting next month that would effectively lift the global ban on for-profit whaling.

Aquatic species cross Pacific after Japan tsunami in 2011

According to marine biologists from the Smithsonian Environmental Research Center, Williams College and other institutions nearly 300 coastal species were detected in Hawaii and the U.S. West Coast, after the tsunami in Japan in 2011, which crossed the ocean by attaching on debris.

K Line sets environmental management promotion system

Japanese “K”Line Group informed that it has begun implementation of “DRIVE GREEN NETWORK”, its recently established environmental management system. DGN targets to strengthen environmental management, set environmental policies and improve environmental conservation activities through the PDCA cycle.

K Line’s eco flagship awarded “Ship of the Year”

Japanese K Line announced that its “DRIVE GREEN HIGHWAY,” a 7,500RT large-scale car carrier won the award of “Ship of the Year 2016” by the Japan Society of Naval Architects and Ocean Engineers, on July 7. The ship is equipped with technologies that contribute to reduction of air pollutant emissions.

Nagoya is a new Green Award port

The Green Award’s presence in Asia is expanding as the Port of Nagoya officially announced that is becoming a Green Award incentive provider from 1 February 2017.

Japan launches study for LNG bunkering

MLIT has launched a feasibility study for LNG bunkering in the port of Yokohama. This is the first LNG bunkering facility development project in Japan. MLIT is aiming at the establishment of a LNG bunkering hub in Yokohama, harmonizing with other environmentally advanced ports in the region.

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