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Jamaica focuses on the importance of Blue Economy

Jamaica’s Minister of Transport and Mining, Hon Robert Montague, discussed about the importance of the Blue Economy to Jamaica and the measures taken to support the Jamaican maritime sector. For Jamaica the ocean is an invaluable resource that has a lot of potentials for economic development and job creation.

North Club: Attention needed for quay contacts in Port of Kingston, Jamaica

According to the North P&I Club, recent years have seen several incidents in the Port of Kingston in Jamaica where vessels have made contact with a particular quay on the entrance to the port’s basin. These contact incidents have caused damage to the port, to the vessel and on sometimes pollution. On each case, the appropriateness of the speed of approach of the ship into the turning basin was questionable.

Jamaica passes Ballast Water Management bill

On 10 July, Jamaica’s House of Representatives passed the Ballast Water Management Bill, which is aimed at protecting Jamaica’s marine environment, by implementing measures to prevent ships from introducing foreign aquatic species when entering domestic waters.

Jamaica hosts workshop on shipping emissions

Cutting greenhouse gas emissions from shipping and port operations was at the centre of a workshop hosted by the Maritime Authority of Jamaica. The workshop was part of the activities conducted by Jamaica as one of 10 Lead Pilot Countries and the only country in the Caribbean selected to participate in the GloMEEP Project.

10 countries selected for emissions reduction project

Jamaica is selected to be among the 10 countries that will take part in the Global Maritime Energy Efficiency Partnerships Project, which aims to support the implementation of energy-efficiency measures to reduce GHG emissions from shipping. The other countries are Argentina, China, Georgia, India, Malaysia, Morocco, Panama, Philippines and South Africa.

Jamaica to consider bill to reduce emissions from ships

Jamaica will make its efforts to reduce shipping emissions more intense, as the Transport and Mining Minister, Robert Montaque will present a Maritime Pollution Bill in the Parliament. Mr. Montaque mentioned that Jamaica will proceed with taking opportunities in the bunkering industry, along with giving a special consideration to legislation and policies.

Office of Naval Intelligence reports piracy incidents

Office of Naval Intelligence published its weekly reports, outlining the piracy incidents occurred at the Horn of Africa, Gulf of Guinea and SouthEast Asia, as well as piracy incidents that occurred worldwide.

Two more states accede to BWM Convention

IMO announced that Jamaica and Malta have become the latest states to sign up to Ballast Water Management Convention, the international treaty that entered into force a few days ago and requires ships to manage their ballast water to help stop the spread of invasive aquatic species across the globe.

JPS, New Fortress ink for Jamaica’s third LNG power plant

JPS has signed a Power Purchase Agreement with New Fortress South Power Holdings, which will be constructing a 94MW power plant on the grounds of the JAMALCO bauxite operations in Clarendon. The plant will use LNG and will be the third such power generating facility, to be constructed in Jamaica.

Jamaica launches candidacy on IMO Council

The Maritime Authority of Jamaica officially launched its candidacy in the UK for a Category C seat, on the IMO Council, on July 6th. Among the arguments presented was that the country is committed to the major international conventions for safety and pollution prevention and it incorporates these conventions into domestic legislation.


Should BWM training be a mandatory requirement?

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