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How coronavirus affects shipping: Everything you need to know

The Coronavirus outbreak has set the shipping industry into a frenzy, with major shipping stakeholders issuing guidance and recommendations, ports halting operations until further notice and a feeling of uncertainty on how this emergency will be dealt with.

Shipping industry alerts on coronavirus outbreak

The outbreak of coronavirus has been at the centre of discussions as it has already led to a number of fatalities, while the shipping industry and stakeholders have issued advises and steps to be taken so that seafarers are protected.

ITF Seafarers’ Trust launches new OSH training program

ITF Seafarers’ Trust launched a new three stage occupational safety and health education program for port workers in Aqaba, Jordan. Specifically, this program features an app based awareness raising component followed by face-to-face training and work place assignments- and is designed to increase worker participation in the OSH agenda, complementing company initiatives where they exist creating a safer environment for both dockers and seafarers visiting the ports.

Stakeholders submit paper to IMO on fair treatment of detained seafarers

Recently, shipping stakeholders submitted a paper to the IMO proposing the addition of a new output under the work program on Fair treatment of seafarers detained on suspicion of committing maritime crimes. The paper highlights that in some cases the master and the crew may not be aware of their vessel being involved in smuggling activities

ITF rescues seafarers from Mozambique

10 Kenyan seafarers who had travelled to Pemba, Mozambique through Tanzania in August 2019, in order to work on the EU-bound vessel MV Nina were recently rescued by the ITF. The seafarers arrived in Nairobi, Kenya, Tuesday, January 7, prior to traveling home to Mombasa.

Unions demand Dockers’ Clause full support

Dockers unions, shop stewards and legal advisors met in Rotterdam, forming a team of legal advisors ensuring that the Dockers’ Clause that entered into force in Europe and Canada on January 1, 2020 will be correctly implemented.

EU shipowners critique new container lashing directive

The European Transport Federation (ETF) is asking for changes on lashing operations concerning the people who take part in them; Now, European short-sea and feeder ship operators are challenging efforts by the ITF to redefine container lashing as a cargo handling activity in order to bring it under the control of unionized dockers.

ITF and Saudi Arabia embrace seafarers through collaboration

The International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF) and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia attempted to partner in order to support and boost seafarers in all of the Saudi Arabia ports. This close relationship has already provided both parties with fruitful results with the successful repatriation of 5 seafarers with their entitled wages from the vessel MKN 205 in Damman port has already been produced.


Are we doing enough to keep crew healthy?

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