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USCG: Flag Administrations security compliance for 2017

In its Port State Control Annual Report for 2017, USCG reports how good was the Flag Administration Security Compliance Performance. The targeting Control Action Ratio was fixed at 1.50%.  The USCG targets Flag Administrations for additional ISPS examinations if their Control Action Ratio is higher than the overall average for all flags. The countries that during 2017 had the highest Control Action Ratio are Tanzania (1.72%); Turkey (1.37); Philippines (0.82%); Saint Vincent and The Grenadines (0.71%); Bermuda (0.40%).

IMO urges for national shipping security legislation

IMO underlined the necessity of the drafting and enactment of appropriate national legislation for the successful implementation and oversight of IMO’s maritime security measures and organized a workshop, covering this topic, in Cambodia, on February 21-22.

BIMCO to announce updated NYPE Time Charter

After nearly two years of regular meetings in New York, Singapore and Copenhagen by a joint working group from BIMCO, ASBA and the SMF, work on developing a modern NYPE Time Charter is now drawing to a close.

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