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ISO launches IMO 2020 specification for marine fuels

ISO informed that it has published the ‘ISO/PAS 23263:2019 Petroleum products — Fuels (class F) — Considerations for fuel suppliers and users regarding marine fuel quality in view of the implementation of maximum 0,50 % sulphur in 2020’.

How can the 2020 sulphur cap affect the shipping industry

To support anyone preparing for the 2020 sulphur cap, and specifically shipowners and operators, Muhammad Usman, LR’s voice on marine fuels, has created and answered a set of the most frequently asked questions. The questions regard the draft guidance, Ship Implementation Plan and ISO updates.

ISO 8217 reassures on specification of 0.5% sulphur fuels

The ISO Working Group issued a statement reassuring the industry that the general requirements of ISO 8217:2017, along with the characteristics included in Table 1 and 2 of ISO 8217: 2017, cover 2020 0.50% max. sulphur fuels in the same way as they cover today’s fuels including the 0.10% max. sulphur fuels.

IBIA welcomes IMO sulphur cap discussions, but says ‘much work remains’

After the IMO Intersessional Working Group meeting last week concluded, IBIA said that it is positive that there is a significant support among IMO member States to ensure consistency in fuel oil testing and verification procedures. However, discussions on a number of agenda items were left with unresolved issues.

ICS welcomes IMO progress on 2020 sulphur cap implementation issues

ICS is encouraged by efforts made by IMO Member States to resolve some pressing practical challenges ahead of the 2020 sulphur cap global implementation. The announcement comes by ICS Secretary General, Peter Hinchliffe, after the IMO Intersessional Working Group meeting last week.

ISO to develop standard for methanol as a marine fuel

The IMO invited ISO to develop a standard for methyl/ethyl alcohol as a marine fuel and a standard for methyl/ethyl alcohol fuel couplings. ISO will work on these standards and provide them as soon as possible, but noted that there was limited experience with such fuels in practice. Currently there are eight large ships which operate on methanol.

China suggests mandatory ISO sulphur test

A proposal by China to mandate specific ISO test methods for sulphur, after a proposal made by IBIA to the IMO, has won support to be further considered as the IMO consider measures to ensure uniform implementation of the 0.5% sulphur limit. China submitted that the methods should be ISO 8754:2003 or ISO 14596:2007.

New ISO standard for bunkering of LNG-fuelled ships launched

As the use of LNG-fuelled vessels spreads to other parts of the world and many more parties become involved, there is a clear need to standardize LNG bunkering operations at the international level. Therefore, a new ISO standard will ensure LNG-fuelled vessels can bunker in a safe and sustainable way.

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