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USCG Guidelines on ISM Code

A series of vessel accidents in the late 1980s linked to human error, suggested a link between the increase in accidents and management faults; subsequently the ISM Code made its appearance, urging for measures on the safe operation of ships and pollution prevention. In response, USCG issued guidelines, concerning compliance with the requirements of the Code for both US-flagged and non US flagged vessels.

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ISM Code: What to include in Master’s SMS Review

Master is the key person to ensure the effective implementation of the ISM Code on board and thus, as a top priority, he needs to be familiar with company’s SMS. In particular, clause 5 of the ISM Code defines Master’s requirements and expectations; as such, among its main duties, Master is assigned with the obligation to review and verify the Safety Management System of the Company (as per ISM Code Clause 5, para. 5.1.5).

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