Abadan ports’ exports rise by 56% in 2018

According to Iran’s Ports and Maritime Organization (PMO) Abadan, Arvandankar and Choabdeh ports experienced an increase of 56% in 2018. Iran is developing its ports and its shipping power and in the meantime, the country aims to a low-sulphur shipping, as the Deputy Director has commented in the past that low-sulphur fuel should be a priority for the Iranian fleet.

Three investment projects to begin in Anzali port complex

Director General of Ports and Maritime Affairs of Gilan province, Iran, announced that operations and exploitation of three investment projects are scheduled to begin with minimum credit of 880 billion Rls in Azali port complex. 

Port of Shahid Rajaee to be upgraded with 12 new gantry granes

Hassan Rouhani, the President of Iran, issued an order to inaugurate up to 20 port projects. The Shahid Rajaee port development consists of 12 gantry cranes being installed which adds to the capabilities of the province of Hormozgan and the country. With the launch of 12 new gantry cranes, the capacity of Shahid Rajaee port will increase to 5.8 million TEUs.

Indian government to invest in Chabahar port

India’s government was announced to have set aside USD 21 million in this 2019’s budget as expenditure for the Iranian southeastern port of Chabahar growth. In October 2018, Iran, India and Afghanistan inked an agreement on transit of goods via Chabahar. 

Ports deny the docking to Iranian vessels, official supports

According to local Iranian media, the chairman of Iran’s Shipping Society and related services, Massoud Polmeh reported that a large number of ports across the globe do not permit Iranian-registered vessels to enter and dock. Massoud Polmeh is turning against the US re-imposed sanctions on the Islamic Rebublic for the rejection of ships carrying the Iranian flag at ports.

US exempts Port of Chabahar development from sanctions

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has granted an exception to some US sanctions that will enable the India-led development of Chabahar port in Iran. This Port is considered as a corridor to advance Afghanistan’s economy. The waiver permits the construction of a railway line from Chabahar port to Afghanistan, as well as shipments to the latter of non-sanctionable goods.

Dalian port provides storage for Iranian oil before US sanctions

A large amount of Iranian crude oil will arrive at China’s Dalian port during October and the beginning of November, right before US sanctions on Iran apply. Namely, the National Iranian Tanker Company will ship more than 20 million barrels of oil to Dalian.

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