Container ship rescues three Iranian mariners

According to the U.S. Naval Forces Command, on 18 December the U.S. flagged container ship named “Maersk Kinloss”, managed to save the life of three Iranian mariners who have been stranded at sea for several days.

First images of damaged Iranian tanker and its oil leakage

The Iranian news outlet Shana published the first images of the damaged tanker Sabiti, which was hit by missiles in the Red Sea, last week, off Saudi Arabia’s coast and suffered two hull breaches, while Iranian PMO’s Managing Director Mohammad Rastad commented that it was definitely a missile hit.

Cargo leakage from Iranian tanker stopped

After the Iranian oil tanker Sabiti was hit by missiles in the Red Sea, last week, off Saudi Arabia’s coast, leakage of cargo has been stopped. The ship is now heading for the Gulf, while the incident has not been independently confirmed yet, and there is no claim of responsibility.

Sanchi: The world’s worst oil tanker disaster in decades

As part of its “Learn from the past” series, SAFETY4SEA is focusing today on the Sanchi disaster, which claims the world’s worst oil tanker disaster in decades, less than two years after it collided with ‘CF Crystal’ on East China Sea and took lives of 32 people while causing a vast oil pollution.

Blast-stricken tankers to be assessed off UAE

The two oil tankers, that became subject of two subsequent attacks on Thursday while transiting the Gulf of Oman, are being assessed off the coast of the United Arab Emirates before their cargoes are unloaded, the ships’ operators said on Sunday.

Vessel capsizes in Port of Bandar Abbas, Iran

Iranian media informed that an improper loading of cargo has caused a ship to capsize in the southern Port of Bandar Abbas, on March 19. After the incident, port workers rushed to retrieve any of the 153 containers that suddenly sank. The cargo ship was carrying the flag of Comoros, with reports mentioning that one Indian seaman sustained injuries in the foot.

Three crewmen die from poisoning on Iranian cargo ship

A total of 12 crew members onboard the Iranian cargo ship ‘Nazmehr’ suffered poisoning and three of theme died. The crew was sickened by an unspecified ‘chemical substance’ which was used to preserve the cargo. The incident was reported about 21 miles off the island of Pirallahi, in central Caspian Sea.

IMO Sec-Gen commemorates Sanchi victims in Iran

​IMO Secretary-General Kitack Lim visited Iran to participate in the country’s celebration of World Maritime Day, on 8 September, where he met the Minister of Foreign Affairs and participated in a ceremony to commemorate seafarers who lost their lives aboard the Iranian oil tanker Sanchi earlier this year.

China, Iran, Panama sign report on Sanchi disaster

Just four months after the fatal collision and explosion of the Iranian oil tanker ‘Sanchi’ off Shanghai, China, Iran and Panama have signed an investigation report on the accident, the Chinese Ministry of Transport informed. However, the parties seem to disagree regarding the exact cause of the disaster.

Iran blames mostly ‘Crystal’ over Sanchi disaster

The cause of the deadly collision between the Iranian tanker ‘Sanchi’ and the Hong Kong-flagged bulk carrier ‘CF Crystal’ off China earlier in 2018 was probably the latter’s veering to the right some minutes before the incident, according to investigation conclusions.

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