Iran detains vessel for fuel smuggling in Strait of Hormuz

According to Bloomberg, Iran detained a vessel, along with the crewmembers onboard the vessel, which was transmitting smuggled fuel near the entrance of the Strait of Hormuz. The detained tanker, intercepted close to Abu Musa island, was transferring 1.3 million liters of smuggled fuel, or the equivalent of just 8,000 barrels.

Two ships detained in Singapore for breaching US sanctions

Two ships transporting Iranian LPG or liquid gas, involved in Iran-China deliveries, were reportedly detained in Singapore on July 22 and 24. The detentions come under US sanctions, banning exports of Iranian oil and gas. The two vessels are no longer listed as ‘under Sheriff’s arrest’. Specifically, on the ships seems to have been released, while the other one is still at port.

Panama de-lists oil tanker from boat registry after terrorism alert

As Reuters reports, Panama’s Maritime Authority that after Grace 1 was seized by British Royal Marines in Gibraltar, they de-listed it from Panama’s international boat registry as of May 29. The Panamanian Authority highlighted that Grace 1 was de-listed after receiving an alert indicating that the ship had participated in or was linked to terrorism financing.

Libya seizes US-sanctioned Iranian container ship

Libya seized a sanctioned Iranian ship off the coast of Misrata, as there were claims that it was carrying weapons. The container Shahr E Kord had left Bulgaria, with Misrata in western Libya being its destination. According to the interior ministry, the container ship was loaded with 144 containers. As a result, the attorney general ordered the seizure and an investigation of the ship.


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