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Australia clarifies its position on de-harmonised certification

Australia will not de-harmonise the IOPP Certificate from the HSSC (Harmonised System for Survey and Certification) for Australian flagged ships. However, if an owner chooses to bring forward all surveys, AMSA would not object as the ship will remain compliant with the HSSC. AMSA clarifies that a foreign flagged vessel arriving in Australia with a de-harmonised IOPP Certificate would be acceptable if the flag Administration has allowed the de-harmonisation.

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Latest update on IOPP Deharmonization

Following MEPC 70 decisions and as IMO Ballast Water Management Convention is scheduled to enter into force on 8 September 2017, a recent development that has emerged is the issue of IOPP certificate deharmonization with respect to the other key certificates of the ship. Scope of this update is to summarize an update on Flag administrations relevant circulars in an effort to assist operations to prepare for a smooth implementation of the Convention.

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