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California proposes amendments to Marine Invasive Species regs

California State Lands Commission announced proposed amendments to regulations regarding Marine Invasive Species Control Fund Fee and Definitions. The amendments would increase the fee from $850 per qualifying voyage to $1,000 per qualifying voyage.

IMO BWM Convention to enter into force in 2017

Accession by Finland has triggered the entry into force of the International Convention for the Control and Management of Ships’ Ballast Water and Sediments (BWM Convention) that aims to stop the spread of potentially invasive aquatic species in ships’ ballast water.

USCG updates AMS Program

As of July 2016, the Coast Guard has determined that 56 foreign administration approved ballast water management systems (BWMS) have met the criteria for acceptance as AMS. To be eligible for use, an AMS must be installed on a vessel prior to the date the vessel is required to comply with the ballast water discharge standard (BWDS).

Measure supports ballast water dumping in US waterways

US Congress voted a proposal establishing a nationwide policy for dumping ballast water into U.S. waterways. Environmental groups opposed to this plan, urging U.S. Senate to protect communities, environment, and economy from ballast water invaders such as zebra and quagga mussels, which have wreaked economic havoc from the Great Lakes to the West Coast.

New research examines impact of marine invasive species

A new convention under the IMO is due to come into force during 2016 regarding the management of ship’s ballast water. This convention may require new surveys and studies regarding marine invasive non-native species. HHA is getting ahead of any legislation by initiating a study based upon the extensive data that it has already collated in this area.

Dredging the depths of the ballast water problem

Ballast water is considered one of the greatest threats to our planet’s biodiversity, a dangerously efficient medium for spreading invasive species that can wreak havoc on aquatic habitats. Along with the growth in global shipping, the invasion process has been picking up steam in recent decades, as have efforts to stem this destructive tide.


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