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BWTS Compliance: Key challenges

During the 2020 GREEN4SEA Athens Forum, Dr. Efi Tsolaki, Chief Scientific Officer, ERMA FIRST S.A. highlighted that invasive aquatic species are a major threat to the marine ecosystems, and shipping has been identified as a vital pathway for introducing species to new environments.

Hull Biofouling – old problem, new challenges

During his presentation at the last GREEN4SEA Conference, Mr. David Nichol, Senior Loss Prevention Executive, UK P&I Club, provided a brief overview of old and new challenges surrounding biofouling and what is in store for the future.

How to comply with CRMS for biofouling

In an interview with GREEN4SEA, Paul Hallett, manager of the Biosecurity and Environment Group at MPI New Zealand, highlighted current challenges of biofouling, emphasizing on Craft Risk Management Standard for Biofouling, the world’s first such standard at a national scale, entering into force in May 2018.


Are we doing enough to keep crew healthy?

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