Interview with Martin Penney, BMT Smart

SAFETY4SEA Team met Martin Penney, Sales and Marketing Director, BMT Smart at Posidonia 2016 for an interview on how Big Data may benefit vessel performance

Interview with John Harrison, Intellian

SAFETY4SEEA Team met John Harrison, Vice President, Intellian at Posidonia 2016 for an interview regarding Big Data in relation to connectivity onboard.

Interview with Trevor Blakeley, RINA

SAFETY4SEA Team met Trevor Blakeley, Chief Executive, The Royal Institute of Naval Architects at Posidonia 2016 for an interview regarding Institution’s contribution to the industry.

Interview with Clay Maitland, NAMEPA

SAFETY4SEA Team met Clay Maitland, Managing Partner, Founding Chairman, NAMEPA at Posidonia 2016, June 6-10, Metropolitan Expo, Athens for an interview regarding major safety challenges in shipping industry

Interview with Nick Chapman, Brookes Bell

SAFETY4SEA Team met Nick Chapman, Associate Consulting Scientist, Brookes Bell at Posidonia 2016 for an interview regarding safety carriage of cargoes related issues.

Interview with Joe Hughes, NAMEPA

SAFETY4SEA Team met Joe Hughes, CEO, The American P&I Club/NAMEPA at Posidonia 2016 for an exclusive interview on NAMEPA’s recent developments

Interview with Patrick Verhoeven, ECSA

Mr Patrick Verhoeven, Secretary General of ECSA, gave an interview to  GREEN4SEA team about  European Shipping Week 2015 and latest developments…

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