Interview with Jordan Wylie, Be Cyber At Sea Campaign

Jordan Wylie, Communications Officer, Be Cyber Aware at Sea Campaign, argues that it is time for shipping companies to prioritise cyber security in their risk registers and assign accountability for managing this risk . Cyber-attack is no longer a matter of “if” but “when” and concerns whole organization; both the senior leadership team, shore side staff and onboard crew members. ‘Be Cyber Aware at Sea Campaign’ aims to assist in raising awareness of the cyber risks and threats to international shipping.

Interview with Øssur Hilduberg, DMAIB

Øssur Hilduberg, Head of the Danish Maritime Accident Investigation Board, gives an interesting insight on his role and the process of initiating and leading maritime accident investigations.

Interview with Larry Rumbol, Parker Kittiwake

In an exclusive interview with SAFETY4SEA, Larry Rumbol, Condition Monitoring Market Development Manager (Marine) of Parker Kittiwake, speaks about the advantages of the new water testing kit for vessels which aligns with MLC requirements and highlights the importance of condition monitoring for the industry. Mr Rumbol addresses key challenges associated with condition monitoring and shares company’s plans on the agenda.

Intercargo to examine future amendments to the IMSBC Code

Kostas G. Gkonis, Secretary General, Intercargo, says the 2016 topics and concerns continue in 2017, therefore, liquefaction remains a major problem for dry bulk shipping as well. Dr. Gkonis said that the Association is looking into future amendments to the IMSBC Code and plans to develop a new guide for masters on cargoes that may liquefy to increase awareness on that important topic.

Shipping needs to focus more on human element in 2017

Mark Bull FNI, Maritime Consultant, Trafalgar Navigation Limited has shared his forecast for shipping safety in 2017 urging industry stakeholders to take the Human Element into account more seriously, therefore, a strict Code of Conduct is needed.

Industry needs to integrate IHM and ship recycling planning

Mr. Henning Gramann, CEO, GSR- Services has responded to GREEN4SEA questions providing his insight for the ship recycling sector. He said that the preparation of IHM is a significant challenge for 2017 and stressed the need for supporting the shipping industry in the integration of IHM and ship recycling planning in daily routine, otherwise implementation of the new legal requirements will be too ‘burdensome’.

Interview with Giorgio Colotti, SpecTec

Giorgio Colotti, SpecTec Domain Expert, explains the benefits of smart solutions for both shipping companies and ships and highlights that communication is essential for the successful implementation of smart shipping.

Interview with Ronald Spithout, Inmarsat Group

SAFETY4SEA Team met Ronald Spithout, President of Maritime Business Unit, Inmarsat Group Ltd at Posidonia 2016, June 6-10, Metropolitan Expo, Athens for an interview on how Inmarsat follows SOLAS and GMDSS requirements.


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