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BIMCO, Intertanko publish Q&As for ships with scrubbers

BIMCO and Intertanko have jointly published Q&As addressing the contractual implications owners and charterers consider when chartering ships fitted with scrubbers. The Q&As highlight the key charter party clauses and concepts which should be analyzed for both time and voyage charter parties.

Shipowners form alliance to promote scrubbers

18 companies from the cruise and commercial shipping industry have created the Clean Shipping Alliance 2020 to promote the use of scrubbers to comply with the IMO 0.5% global sulphur cap in 2020. CSA 2020 aims to inform the industry, relevant authorities, organizations and the public about the environmental benefits of scrubbers.

Intertanko: Scrubbers will not last for more than 10 years

In a newly-launched Sea Asia industry insights report, ‘2020 Sulphur Cap: Is the industry ready for the long-run?’, industry experts outline that despite the different solutions available for the industry to comply with the 2020 sulphur cap, there is still no consensus from the industry on which works best for the long-run.

Industry ‘broadly satisfied’ with IMO progress on CO2 reduction

The International Chamber of Shipping, BIMCO, INTERCARGO and INTERTANKO represented the global shipping industry throughout this week’s intensive discussions at the IMO, which continued the development of a comprehensive CO2 reduction strategy for the international shipping sector.

New submission to IMO on GHG emissions reduction

International shipowner organizations have submitted to IMO a new paper to further elaborate their views on IMO’s strategy regarding GHG reduction which is expected for adoption at MEPC72. The submission provides concrete wording on the level of ambition and the accompanying guiding principles.

Shipping industry proposes CO2 reduction objectives to IMO

Four major international trade associations, BIMCO, INTERCARGO, International Chamber of Shipping and INTERTANKO, have made a joint proposal to IMO, concerning ambitious CO2 reductions by the international shipping sector, which is responsible for transporting about 90% of global trade and 2.2% of the world’s annual man-made CO2 emissions.

Shipping industry seeks further progress on CO2

In advance of next week’s critical meeting of the MEPC 70, the joint industry submission calls on IMO Member States to finalize the adoption of a global CO2 data collection system for international shipping, as a precursor to the consideration of possible next steps to address the sector’s CO2 emissions.


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