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Key Industry Associations call for governments support on COVID-19 issues

Key industry organizations shared their insights into the implications of COVID-19 for seafarers so far, highlighting that during these challenging times, shipping took immediate action to resolve all issues while notably all stakeholders put aside any differences and worked together towards a common goal. However, support from all governments is now vital to move forward.

InterManager launches Maritime Champions League

InterManager announced launch of the ‘Maritime Champions League’, a website to recognize the efforts of the seafaring community, and to be a place where ship managers share their successful crew repatriation achievements.

Cadet program boosts cadet berths at sea

InterManager is participating in a new scheme aiming to increasing the number of cadet berths on vessels, assisting cadets to gain the needed sea time in order to be qualified as seafarers. The program will be launch in January 2020; InterManager informs that ship managers should ensure the number of sea berths they are providing for a six month period.

Safe enclosed space entry: More regulations or just less complacency?

The shipping industry does not need more regulation, but a more thorough understanding of the current regulations and a more efficient safety culture to implement the existing regulatory framework, especially when it comes to enclosed space entry, was a key message by shipping experts in the latest SAFETY4SEA Athens Forum.

Does enclosed space entry need more regulation?

In the following article, InterManager Secretary General, Captain Kuba Szymanski, discusses the problems associated with working in enclosed spaces onboard ships and considers what measures the industry needs to take to save lives.

Enclosed space design has to improve to avoid further deaths

InterManager conducted a survey focusing on the danger of enclosed spaces aboard vessels. InterManager published the results and the feedback of the survey to highlight the risks hiding in that sector of the shipping industry, while also alert the industry eradicate these risks.

InterManager survey stresses concerns on enclosed space deaths

Enclosed space fatalities continue, as shipping lacks a thorough understanding of the risks faced by today’s seafarers while shipping industry investigations encourage a ‘blame culture’, according to a study by shipmanagement trade association InterManager. 

New guidance on arrested-detained vessels and abandoned seafarers

ISWAN, in partnership with InterManager, ICS, ICMA and ITF, issued a new booklet, entitled ‘Arrested and Detained Vessels, and Abandoned Seafarers’, providing guidance to welfare organisations dealing with incidents of seafarers being abandoned and vessels being arrested or detained.

New guidance released for situations involving missing seafarers

ISWAN, ICS and InterManager launched a new guidance for shipping companies and manning agents, on dealing with situations involving missing seafarers. The guidance covers managing relationships onboard, actions that should be taken, and managing relationships with the families of seafarers who have gone missing.


Are we doing enough to keep crew healthy?

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