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INTERCARGO: Industry’s trends on loss prevention

Dr. Kostas G. Gkonis, Secretary General of INTERCARGO, provides his insight into the trends that casualty data have revealed for the shipping industry over the last ten years. Dr. Gkonis says that cargo shift and liquefaction continue to be a great concern for the life on board and the safe carriage of dry bulk cargoes over this period.

Intercargo to examine future amendments to the IMSBC Code

Kostas G. Gkonis, Secretary General, Intercargo, says the 2016 topics and concerns continue in 2017, therefore, liquefaction remains a major problem for dry bulk shipping as well. Dr. Gkonis said that the Association is looking into future amendments to the IMSBC Code and plans to develop a new guide for masters on cargoes that may liquefy to increase awareness on that important topic.

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