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INTERCARGO: BWM Convention should not distort the market

In view of the IMO’s MEPC upcoming meeting, on 3-7 July, INTERCARGO stresses the potential impacts of BWM Convention implementation on bulk carriers, suggesting that the regulation should respect the nature of the industry. The association proposes for existing bulk carriers only, the use of “extended ballast water exchange” to be implemented solely for these tanks.

INTERCARGO: In search of answers on BWM practical problems

INTERCARGO says there are significant problems with the implementation of the Ballast Water Management regulation that need to be resolved immediately, considering that the Convention will be effective in less than five months.

INTERCARGO addresses BWM possibilities and impossibilities

Considering that a newbuilding vessel case is totally different than retrofitting an existing vessel, while a bulker carrier is also a different case than other types of ships, INTERCARGO cites some of the technical and operational difficulties faced by bulk carrier owners and operators with regards to BWMC implementation.