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Maritime sector boosts Inmarsat

Inmarsat said that it experienced strong revenue in the maritime sector Satellite service concern Inmarsat plc reported total revenue of $684 mill for the first half of this year, compared with $683 mill in 1H11.Profit before tax of $223 mill, compared with $255 mill in 1H11.The company's Global MSS revenue came in at $367 mill, up by 1% on $362 mill reported in 1H11. EBIDTA was $381 mill, compared with $427 mill in 1H11.Inmarsat said that it experienced strong revenue in the maritime sector, which was up by 13%. Over 30,000 FleetBroadband terminals have been installed and more than 65,000 active IsatPhone Pro terminals are in use.The 2Q12 highlights for the Inmarsat Group included total revenue of $329 mill ($359 mill in 2Q11), while the Global MSS revenue of $189 mill, a rise of 4% from the $181 mill reported in 2Q11.Total EBITDA was $176 mill in 2Q12, compared with $223 mill in 2Q12, while Inmarsat Solutions' revenue was $205 mill (2011 = $189 mill). MSS active terminals were up by 13% in 2Q12.Rupert Pearce, Inmarsat's CEO, said, "The results for the first half and second quarter show that we have returned our core MSS business to growth, fuelled by ...

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Inmarsat FleetBroadband(TM) Reaches 30,000 Activations

This milestone was reached with the installation of a FleetBroadband 500 on Olympic Future Inmarsat , the leading provider of global mobile satellite communications services, has announced reaching 30,000 active FleetBroadband(TM)terminals in service.This milestone was reached with the installation of a FleetBroadband 500(TM)on Olympic Future, a Greek-flagged crude oil tanker, by Inmarsat's distribution partner OTESAT-Maritel. Springfield Shipping, the vessel's management company, selected FleetBroadband as part of an integrated communications solution developed by OTESAT-Maritel. "This solution is an optimal match for our ICT needs, and we are pleased with the comprehensive service offering and first-class support that we have received," said a company spokesperson.Frank Coles, President of Inmarsat Maritime, said, "This is a significant achievement that yet again demonstrates the high regard and continued demand for FleetBroadband in the maritime industry. We have now seen more than 4,000 terminals added to our FleetBroadband installed base since the beginning of the year. Ship owners and managers are attracted to the global reach and reliability of FleetBroadband, and they value the high quality service that they receive from Inmarsat and our partners.""OTESAT Maritel has been a leading distribution partner for FleetBroadband since its launch, so we are delighted to have activated the 30,000th ...

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Inmarsat launches FleetBroadband Multi-voice

It will allow up to nine simultaneous telephone calls to be made t Inmarsat (LSE:ISAT.L), the leading provider of global mobile satellite communications services, announced the launch of FleetBroadband Multi-voice, a new capability that will allow up to nine simultaneous telephone calls to be made through a single FleetBroadband terminal.The enhancement to FleetBroadband (FB) will enable vessel owners and managers to separate crew communications from operational use.It will also provide crew with more privacy, making it easier to make personal low-cost calls away from the bridge.The new capability is targeted at any vessel with the need to manage separate voice calls - particularly the merchant maritime market, but also other vessels that have similar crew or passenger communications requirements, such as superyachts or deep-sea fishing vessels.Uniquely, FleetBroadband Multi-voice is integrated into Inmarsat's core network and terminated into public telephone networks, ensuring a high-quality voice service. There are two levels of FleetBroadband Multi-voice available:Standard, which supports up to four simultaneous calls from a FleetBroadband 150, 250 or 500. Enhanced, which supports up to nine simultaneous calls on an FB250 or FB500. FleetBroadband users have two ways to access the multiple voice calling capability. Users of Thrane & Thrane SAILOR FleetBroadband terminals ...

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Frontline commits to Inmarsat XpressLink for 100+ vessels

Communications package for Frontline Inmarsat, provider of global mobile satellite communication services, announced that Frontline, the world leader in the international seaborne transportation of crude oil, has committed to Inmarsat XpressLink for more than 100 vessels from its existing fleet and its planned new builds."We evaluated the providers and made a purely commercial decision about XpressLink from Inmarsat," said Kjell S. Langva of Frontline Management AS. "The choice was made after a year of positive experience with VSAT from Ship Equip"."The cost-benefit profile and the unmatched failover capability, which offers unlimited usage on Inmarsat FleetBroadband, was key to the decision. Also Inmarsat's ability to deliver made up the additional element in making the choice," he said."With XpressLink's internet and voice services, communications onboard the vessel will be greatly enhanced, supporting operations and improving overall efficiency. It also allows the crew to stay in touch with family and friends, and handle their personal affairs, at a very low cost, which has been an important issue for Frontline," said Mr Langva."We are delighted that Frontline has selected Inmarsat XpressLink against competition with other major communications providers", said Frank Coles, President, Inmarsat Maritime. "The contract with Frontline is a landmark agreement for XpressLink. ...

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Reorganisation brings renewed focus on core markets

Stratos, Segovia and Ship Equip now align under the Inmarsat Inmarsat , the leading provider of global mobile satellite communications services, has begun the process of including its subsidiary companies within a new organisational structure that will align the Inmarsat business more closely to core vertical market segments and continue to support both direct and indirect distribution of its services.As of 1st January 2012, Inmarsat Solutions, led by Jim Parm, is responsible for Inmarsat's global direct and indirect sales, marketing anddelivery. Inmarsat Solutions now operates through four new market-facing business units: Inmarsat Maritime, led by Frank Coles, focusing on worldwide commercial maritime opportunities; Inmarsat Government US, led by Mike Wheeler, focusing on US government opportunities, both military and civil; Inmarsat Government Global, led on an interim basis by Ronald Spithout, focusing on worldwide (ie non-US) civil and military government opportunities; Inmarsat Enterprise, led by Ronald Spithout, focusing on worldwide enterprise, energy, media, carriers, commercial aviation and M2M opportunities. These new global business units will be supported by a new group, Commercial Services & Support, which will provide cross-business unit services such as customer support, product and service management, channel development, commercial management and marketing communications.The Stratos, Segovia, and Ship Equip ...

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Stratos and Ship Equip brands to disappear

From next year, they will will trade under the Inmarsat name Inmarsat has announced that, as of 1 January 2012, its Stratos Global and Ship Equip companies will cease to operate under their own brands and will now trade under the Inmarsat name.This move will also mean that sales and marketing for these businesses, and the group as a whole, will now be aligned into four new business units, one of which will be Inmarsat Maritime.Inmarsat Maritime and the other three units, Inmarsat Government US, Inmarsat Government Global and Inmarsat Enterprise, will join a Commercial and Sales Support division to form Inmarsat Solutions, which will become the sales, marketing and delivery arm of the Inmarsat group.Inmarsat Solutions will be headed by current Stratos CEO Jim Parm as president. Frank Coles, previously CEO of Globe Wireless before joining Inmarsat's Global Xpress team earlier this year, will act as the new president of Inmarsat Maritime.This restructuring move, particularly the decision to bring Stratos 'in-house', has raised questions as to whether this is an attempt by Inmarsat to move towards a fully direct sales channel, rather than the indirect sales via channel partners that currently makes up the majority of its MSS business.However, ...

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