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Sunken duck boat had reduced bilge pump capacity

Based on documents obtained by the Kansas City Star, the Ride the Ducks amphibious vehicle that sank in Branson, Missouri in 2018 had been refitted with less capable bilge pumps prior to the accident, with the U.S. Coast Guard’s approval. 

Lack of appropriate equipment leads to serious injury

Transport Malta published its report regarding a serious injury to crew member on board the cargo ship ‘Adam Asnyk’, on 15 February 2018. The crew member sustained multiple fractures to his leg, arm and pelvis, as during cleaning the cargo with a hose, he lost his balance as he tried to free the snagged hose. The locking pin that would have locked the railing and prevent it from lifting upwards was never in place from the design stage of the ship.

Watch: Dramatic rescues from cruise ship adrift in Norwegian sea

The luxury cruise ship ‘Viking Sky’ arrived at the port of Molde on Norway’s west coast Sunday, after narrowly escaping disaster when its engines failed during a storm in the Norwegian sea. A total of 1,400 passengers and crew were onboard at that time.

Guidance on decreasing onboard systemic failures

The guide ‘Reducing the risk of incidents due to systemic failures’ is based on the partnership of Bureau Veritas, TMC Marine, the casualty and salvage experts, and the London P&I Club, to highlight the challenges in shipping, with the goal to prevent injury, loss of life and damage to ships and cargo. 

Two passengers injured during tender boat transfer

The Bahamas Maritime Authority (BMA) issued a safety alert concerning the safe transfer of passengers during tender boat operations. The publication came following a recent injury incident of two passengers during transfer on a tender boat. 

Inadequate safety analysis leads to fall into water

IMCA informs of an injury of a worker, who fell into the water from a ladder. Namely, the worker was replacing a control valve on the platform crane, when he realised that he would need to descend the ladder to retrieve tools for the job. Trying to do so, he lost his grip and fell 24m into the water. He suffered fractures of cervical and lumbar vertebrae.

Ineffective enforcement of safety standards leads to injury

As IMCA informs an engineer was injured as he was walking in the engine room searching for a tool and he stepped on a loose floor plate. The floor plate was not bolted down and slipped sideways. The engineer suffered a large laceration to his abdomen, which made him go to the local hospital. Standards, policies and administrative controls were not used effectively and enforcement was not adequate.

How to handle electrical injuries onboard

An electrical power failure onboard not only jeopardizes vessel’s safe operations but also may be linked to electrical hazards, putting at risk crew lives, especially electricians’ who are responsible to handle these systems onboard, and also personnel attempting electrical power connections during shipbuilding, ship repair or ship breaking.

More lava bomb-injured tourists sue tour boat operator

A group of tourists filed a lawsuit against the tour boat operator Lava Ocean Tours Inc., after its vessel ‘Hot Spot’ was hit by a lava bomb during a tour off Hawaii’s Big Island in July 2018, injuring several passengers onboard. 


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