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Transocean Barents suspends operations due to worker’s injury

The Canada-Newfoundland and Labrador Offshore Petroleum Board issued a statement according to which the operations on a Transocean-owned drilling rig operating for Suncor Energy offshore Canada were suspended following the injury of an offshore worker. 

Watch: Vehicle capsizes, four crewmembers missing

As the vehicle carrier ‘Golden Ray’ capsized in St. Simons Sound, Brunswick, Georgia, four of its crewmembers went missing; Thus, the USCG, along with the help of the vessel’s master and the chief engineer, are conducting search and rescue operations to stabilize the vessel and find the remaining crew.

Fire dust blown away during firefighting waterline check

IMCA discusses an accident when a fire dust cap was blown off by pressure from the line and hit the wall 10 metres away. The pressured dust cap although caused a small fraction to the wall, it didn’t injure any of the crewmembers.

BMA: Hand injury while attempting to secure crane’s auxiliary block

The Bahamas Maritime Authority issued a new Safety Alert to inform and share lessons learned on a hand injury of a crewman attempting to secure a crane’s auxiliary block. The Authority concluded that the planning for the work activity was inappropriate and the risks were not appropriately identified. 

Number of major incidents in Port of Singapore falls

The number of major incidents in the Port of Singapore has fallen over the last 10 years, with less than 0.12 major incidents per 100,000 vessel movements in 2018, which is a decrease from 0.8 in 2009. Dr Lam Pin Min, Senior Minister of State for Transport and Health said that the use of technology and digitalization will be able to further improve maritime safety by providing seafarers better access to crucial safety-related information.

Alcohol the main contributing factor in fatal US boating accidents

The US Coast Guard released its 2018 Recreational Boating Statistics Report, revealing that there were 633 boating fatalities nationwide in 2018, which is a 3.8% decrease from 2017. From 2017 to 2018, total recreational boating injuries also fell 4.5% (2,629 to 2,511), and the total number of accidents reduced 3.4% (4,291 to 4,145). 

Lessons learned: Passenger injury on access ramp

In its latest gangways guidance, the Shipowners Club describes a case of a passenger injury on the access ramp while boarding a ferry. The claimant’s lawyers supported that this incident occurred because the ramp was unattended and not because the ramp was unsafe. 

Rotating winch drum traps AB’s feet

IMCA focused on an injury where an AB suffered a fractured foot and severe abrasions when he conducted a task to re-pool a wire onto an aft deck tugger winch. IMCA notes that the boots he was wearing prevented a much more serious injury.


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