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Exceed speed of grinding disc makes it explode during testing

In its latest edition of the Safety Digest, the UK MAIB investigated an incident occurring during a ship engine’s overhauling, where the grinding disc exploded and caused injury in one engineer, highlighting the importance of not exceeding the safe operating speed of a grinding wheel.

Serious injury during mooring operations in Peru

Marine Safety Investigation (MSI) of Malta issued a simplified investigation report on an accident, that happened during Cielo di Tocopilla, a register bulk carrier, was loading steel products in the port of Ilo, Peru and the whiplash of the mooring rope section struck a bosun on his right leg.

Person scalded by steam condensate

IMCA has reported an incident in which a person was scalded when working in the kitchen/pantry area onboard a vessel. The incident occurred when the injured person was rinsing dishes in the ships pantry, near a boiler. The boiler exhausted steam through a vent pipe, and so a plastic tube was retro-fitted to the vent, allowing any condensate to drain into the sink in which the dishes were rinsed.

UK Club recommends best practice for portable power tools

The UK P&I Club’s Risk Assessors often find during routine Risk Assessments of entered ships, that the safe use of portable power tools is not adhered to on board, more cases are seen in the Deck department than the Engine Department, but cases are found in both and advise best practice to avoid injuries.

Serious injury to crew member while anchor chain recovery

Transport Malta has issued an investigation report regarding a serious injury onboard MV Halcyon while the crew organised an emergency recovery of the chain. The operation involved picking up the anchor chain. During the heaving process, the hydraulic motor of the windlass broke down resulting in serious injury to a crew member.

Finger injury: pinch point

IMCA reports an incident in which someone suffered a finger injury whilst working on a hatch. The incident occurred when a crewman was working on deck, and needed to lift an escape hatch cover to the machinery spaces. He raised the hatch cover using one of the fitted handles, but was unaware of a pinch point created between the handle and an upright pipe behind – his finger was caught in this pinch point, causing an injury to the fingertip.


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