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Caustic soda should be handled with greatest care

A C/O was seriously injured on board due to caustic soda which splashed into his face, entering under the edge of his protective mask. If the PPE does not fit, is not suitable for purpose, or cannot be worn for some reason, stop the work until proper protection can be provided, UK MAIB says.

UK MAIB: Care must be taken to avoid waxing in fuel tanks

UK MAIB highlights that if signs of waxing in fuel tanks and fuel systems are evident, actions must be taken immediately. A build-up of waxy deposits in boiler burner’s fuel supply filter was one of the likely causes of the flame failure onboard Manhattan Bridge containership resulting in one fatality and one serious injury in early 2017.

Three crew injured due to collapse of accommodation ladder

In the latest edition of its Safety Digest, the UK MAIB presents the injury of three crew members on board a bulk carrier, during berthing operations, in a UK port, when the accommodation ladder they were rigging collapsed. UK MAIB provides a description of the case and important lessons learnt, to prevent similar accidents from occurring again.

Missile attack injures crew member off Yemen

On June 15, a guided missile fired by Houthi militias attacked an Emirati ship, when she was upon its departure from the Yemeni port of Mukha, according to the Saudi press agency. The missile caused no damage to the ship, but resulted in the injury of one crew member.

Failure of mooring line causes serious injury onboard

On 2 March 2015, the offcer-in-charge of the mooring party on board the LNG tanker Zarga suffered severe head injuries, when he was struck by a mooring rope that parted during a berthing operation, at the South Hook LNG terminal, Milford Haven. UK MAIB issued a report, providing important safety issues, to prevent similar incidents from occurring again.

Fishing safety campaign launched in New Zealand

On June 1st, Maritime New Zealand and the NZ Federation of Commercial Fishermen launch a safety campaign, at the Federation’s annual conference, aimed at commercial fishing boat crews and operators. The “Safe Crews Fish More” aims to establish a natural collaboration across the industry.

Fuel valve explosion causes serious injury onboard

The Bahamas Maritime Authority issued a safety alert, informing about an accident that happened on board a general cargo vessel, aiming to highlight the lessons learnt and to increase awareness, which may help avoid similar incidents occurring in the future. In this particular case, a third engineer was severely injured, after explosion of the vessel’s auxiliary boiler.

Falling hook causes injury during lifting operations

Hong Kong Merchand of Shipping issued a note, informing about an accident that occurred on board a Hong Kong registered container vessel, during which a fitter was seriously injured by a falling hook block of a monorail transverse hoist from a height of approximate 7 metres.

Tugger winch injures seafarer on board

The Marine Safety Forum published a report, concerning an accident on board a Platform Supply Vessel, caused by a wire securing bar that trapped a seafarer, leading to his foot crush. The report aims to raise operators’ awareness on winches and rotating machinery safety measures.


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