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USCG: Findings of Concern on high speed craft operations

The US Coast Guard released Findings of Concern on ‘High Speed Craft Operations Manuals,’ regarding an incident where a high speed catamaran passenger ferry allided with a rock jetty at over 30 knots, injuring 15 passengers.

Crew sustain serious burn injuries on passenger vessel

The Bahamas Maritime Authority issued a new Safety Alert to inform of an incident involving serious crew injuries onboard a passenger vessel. In this regard, BMA seeks to bring attention to crew members undertaking maintenance of any system under pressure.

Crews urged for vigilance when using portable ladders

Steamship Mutual P&I Club issued a risk alert to advise on the use of portable ladders ashore and onboard ships, as it has been notified in recent months of a number of crew injury claims resulting from ladders. 


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